Sunday 22nd October was a busy day with the club taking part in three events -- A friendly at home v Walsall for the non-squad players; A tournament at Leicester for the 50+ squad; and the final BCFA league games for the the B team at Bedworth


OUR non-squad players had a chance to shine in a home friendly against Walsall.

And they turned in a highly impressive performance in the face of tough opposition from skilful and energetic opponents.

Hartshill settled down well in containing the visitors and looked to be going into the half-time break 0-0. But with the final seconds ticking away, Walsall scored what was to be the only goal of the match.

In the second half, the Strollers continued to battle and kept shots on their own goal down to a minimum. Meanwhile, at the other end,Hartshill always looked threatening and, in the dying seconds, there was a great chance to equalise . . .but there was to be no dream ending.

So the final score was 0-1.

Team manager Bob Haywood: “It was a great performance by our players against well-organised and talented opposition.

“Goal chances at both ends were few and far between but it was a very entertaining match and gave some of the club’s non-squad players the chance to show what they can do.

“They can all be proud.”

SQUAD: Tracey Dudwell, Stewart Dudwell, Gordon Lee, Andy Hewitt, Mike Bartlett, Reg Walker (capt), John Moore, Mick Burdis.

Report by Bob Haywood

BCFA League.

On a dry but windy morning Hartshill B controlled the game against Shard End winning 2-0 with goals from Paul Whitehead and Eddie Tromans. Dave Seddon only had one scary moment, when he rolled the ball to Les, who passed it directly back to him. Dave's quick thinking mean't he let it go through his legs, and then had concerned as the pass narrowly passed his far post. Our second game was much more evenly contested and Hartshill B scored early on with a fine solo effort from Paul Whitehead. The rest of the game was nip and tuck with Bedworth A doing most of the pressing, but without troubling Dave Seddon in goal.


This ends the first Birmingham County FA Over 50s Walking Football League. Birmingham finished as champions with Hartshill A runners up and Hartshill B 3rd.  


Squad: Dave Seddon, Les Evans, Bernard Bustin, Steve Nicholls, Eddie Tromans, Paul Whitehead, Martin Willetts, Adrian Heath and Barry Geyton.


I would like to thank all of the players who have played during this league, both over and under 60.

Report by Barry Geyton

Hartshill over 50’s squad went to Leicester to take part in the Leicester LPF Tournament and what an excellent day they had. Leicester had 3 teams made up of various players due to some teams dropping out at the last minute. There were 3 Group games a semi final and a final, each game was 10 minutes straight.

Squad: Gary Davis, Adrian Chilton, Ray Woodhall, Dave Shaw, Mark Mullett, Mark Grazier, Pete Gibbons, Ivan White, Kevin Weston.

Game 1

Hartshill Strollers v LPF88

This was an evenly matched game, but Hartshill managed to have several attempts at goals, however they managed to actually get 1 in the back of the net, due to the excellent defence of the LPF88 goalie. Final Score Hartshill Strollers 1 – 0 LPF88. Goal scorer: Adrian Chilton.


Game 2

Hartshill Strollers v LPF (WF)

Hartshill started the game by being quite dominant and took control of the game, but about half way through, the game evened out and the teams were more evenly matched. This was a good game with Hartshill managing to take the lead with an excellent goal from Team Manager Kevin Weston.

Final score Hartshill Strollers 1 – 0 LPF(WF) Goal Scorer: Kevin Weston.


Game 3

Hartshill Strollers v LPF1988

This was a fairly evenly matched game with both teams giving their all, both teams had good chances of scoring but it was the Hartshill boys who took the lead and went on to win the game. Final score Hartshill strollers 2 – 0 LPF1988. Goal Scorers: Adrian Chilton and Mark Mullett.


Game 4 - Semi Final

Hartshill Strollers v LPF1988

Hartshill proved to be the stronger team, dominating the oppositions goal area. Gary Davis had several shots on target and was very persistent but unfortunately unsuccessful at getting the ball in the net, due to excellent goal keeping skills from the LPF1988 Goalie. However Hartshill’s Adrian Chilton had his goal scoring boots on and took the team into the lead.

Final Score: Hartshill Strollers 1 – 0 LPF1988


Game 5 – Final

Hartshill Strollers v LPF88

This was an exciting game with both teams eager to win the overall tournament, Hartshill took an early lead when Gary finally managed to get the ball in the back of the net. LPF88 soon equalised, this made the game quite tense as Hartshill needed to score again in order to win the tournament, with the game only 10 minutes long, this didn’t give them much time to take the lead. As the scores were even at the end of the 10 minutes the game went in to extra time and 5 minutes were added on. Both teams became a bit aggressive as they both wanted the win, the ref told everyone to calm down and it was Hartshills Mark Grazier who scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game. This was an exciting end game of a well played tournament. Final score Hartshill Strollers 2 -1 LPF88.

Goal Scorers: Gary Davis and Mark Grazier

After 5 games Hartshill’s over 50’s squad only had one goal against them, an excellent result for the team and Manager Kevin Weston.


Not only did Hartshill win the tournament trophy but several other trophies were also handed out by the generous Leicester Club.

Adrian Chilton won the trophy for 'best player' in the tournament.

Ray Woodhall received a trophy for the best pass of the tournament.

Mark Mullett got a trophy for the best goal of the tournament and all players also got a personal trophy to keep.

Thank you to Leicester for organising the tournament and inviting us to take part.

By Fiona J Weston.