Birmingham FA Walking Football League Second Round Group Stages Portway Leisure Centre Sunday 16/07/2017 


 It was a bit of grey and slightly damp morning as we travelled to Portway Leisure Centre in Oldbury for the second of the group stages. Each team played 2 games and each game was 20 minutes straight. 

Hartshill A Squad: Pete Gibbons, Pete Grove (C), Ivan White, Rob Dunning, Ray Woodhall, Adrian Chilton, Phil Bate, Mark Grazier, Gary Davis, Kevin Weston. 

Game 1 

Hartshill A v Bedworth United A 

This was a fast paced game with Hartshill being the dominant team throughout, they defended well and didn’t really give Bedworth a chance of scoring, however, there were several shots taken and near misses from Hartshill before Gary Davis managed to hit the back of the net and score the only goal of the game.

Final score 1-0 to Hartshill. 

Game 3 

Hartshill A v Wyndey Old Boys 

This was an all action game for Hartshill and the goals were flowing, the score could have been higher but there were a couple of near misses and a missed penalty that went over the crossbar. Wyndley gave it their all and had a good few shots on target and a couple of near misses, but their attempts were held off by the skills of Hartshills ace goalie Pete Gibbons.

Final score 5-0 to Hartshill – Goal scorers: Gary Davis 4 and Adrian Chilton 1. 

*Top Goal scorer and Man of the Match – Gary Davis.*


Hartshill B Squad: Steve Nicholls, Richard Delahaye, Dave Seddon, John Green, John Cooper, Dave Lunn, 

Eddie Tromans, Reg Walker, Paul Whitehead, Barry Geyton.

Game 2 

Hartshill B v Coleshill Town B 

Hartshill’s B team put on an excellent show, they had control of the game and the majority of possession. The strikers had several shots and near misses but unfortunately didn’t manage to hit the back of the net. Coleshill hit back and scored a slightly dubious goal, that was allowed after going over head height. 

Final Score Hartshill 0-1 Coleshill B.


Game 4 

Hartshill B v Bedworth United B 

Hartshill were on the attack and kept control of the ball for the most part of the game. Although they had several attempts at goals, the defenders of Bedworth did a good job and managed to hold off any goals being scored. 

Final score: A disappointing 0-0 draw. 

Report by: Fiona J Weston.