FA Walking Football League Third Round Group Stages - Four Dwellings Academy 20/08/2017

It was a Sunny Sunday morning when Hartshill's A & B Teams made their way to Quinton, Birmingham for the FA Walking Football League Third Round Group Stages. Each team played 2 games of 20 minutes each.

Hartshill A Squad: Pete Gibbons, Ivan White, Rob Dunning, Ray Woodhall, Adrian Chilton, Mark Grazier, Gary Davis, Dave Shaw, Mark Mullett, Steve Edwards.


Game 1


Hartshill Strollers A v Shard End.


Hartshill played a dominant game and kept control for most of the game, giving Shard End little chance of scoring any goals. Unfortunately Hartshill were unable to find their goal scoring form and although there were several near misses, they didn't manage to get the ball in the back of the net. Shard End defended well and managed to keep the game goalless.

Final Score 0-0.


Game 3


Hartshill Strollers A v Coleshill Town A


Hartshill once again met up with Coleshill Town, this was a more evenly matched game with Hartshill being the slightly dominant side. However Coleshill did have a few chances to run away with the ball, their striker definitely kept Hartshill's Ivan White on his toes, Ivan did an excellent job of keeping the striker in check, well done Ivan. Hartshill did strike back and Gary Davis managed to plant one firmly in the back of the net.

Final Score: Hartshill Strollers A 1 - 0 Coleshill Town A.


Hartshill B Squad: Steve Nicholls, Richard Delahaye, John Green, John Cooper, Bernie Bustin, Dave Lunn, Eddie Tromans, Paul Whitehead, Barry Geyton, Adrian Heath.


Game 2


Hartshill Strollers B v Birmingham


Hartshill's B team once again met up with their old friends and rivals, Birmingham. Hartshill held their own and managed to keep Birmingham at bay for most of the game. Eventually, after a few near misses, Birmingham managed to score the only goal of the game. Hartshill stayed positive and defended well, they also had a few near misses but didn't manage to find the back of the net.

Final Score Hartshill Strollers B 0 - 1 Birmingham.


Game 4


Hartshill Strollers B v Wyndley Old Boys.


Hartshill's B team were definitely the stronger team in this game, Wyndley put up a good defence but couldn't prevent Hartshill's John "Cooper Man" Cooper from finding his form and scoring 3 goals in succession. Both teams had a few near misses but Wyndley were unable to break through the Hartshill defence.

Final Score Hartshill Strollers B 3 - 0 Wyndley Old Boys.

Report by Fiona Weston