Massage to all members

can all members now stop there sub's payments please. 

until further notice. 

I must say i have considered doing nothing until the government and the schools say we are all clear to go back and save myself a load of organising to get us back as soon as possible, but I'm sure I wouldn't be thanked for doing that so be assured I am working hard to get us back to playing as soon as we are allowed, but be aware there will be changes to what we have known as normal. Mark Grazier.

There are two new links above to keep an eye on.    

We have been advised to consider the following guidelines when we return to playing again and I would like us to consider some of these instructions.

please read through them and give me your feedback. I have put notes at the end of some of these that are in my opinion. Cheers Mark. 

  1. Await Government clearance for sport gatherings to resume., We are waiting. 

  2. Anyone who has a temperature or other Covid-19 symptoms must not attend and if they do, must be sent home immediately. You will be tested with the temperature gun before you enter the playing field. 

  3. Consider the appointment of a club official to be responsible for all Health & Safety, to include compliance with these guidelines. please speak out if your qualified to help. 

  4. Limit players per session. May need to use a booking system and add more sessions. Leave adequate time between sessions to avoid mixing of participants. We need to investigate this 

  5. If possible, consider testing staff, players & refs - evidence of recent test to be provided. If you have been tested and passed clear you could help the club by taking responsibility in helping Mark please step up.

  6. Consider testing temperatures with infrared forehead thermometer every session on entrance (cost is approx. £50) l have purchased one of these to be used and will always be available. 

  7. Hand sanitisers to be available, purchasing in hand.

  8. Separate sessions by age, so over 70s are isolated, to be guided by the government and FA recommendations. We have 8 members in this bracket and another 4 at 70 next year, a sperate session for those 12 could be arraigned so as not to let them miss out.  Working on it. 

  9. Avoid travelling to venue in groups in one car 

  10. If there is an option at the venue, play outside, We do. 

  11. Players to come already changed and go home to shower, abide by this one please, as the school is closed apart from the use of the toilets and then one at a time. 

  12. Balls to be disinfected prior to each session. Sanitized wipes to be available and used. if you have gloves of your own please ware them anyway all members. 

  13. Apply social distancing during warm-ups as far as possible. We can do this.

  14. Ensure game is played strictly as NON-CONTACT. We can do this too. 

  15. No handshakes or hugs. Obvious.

  16. Anyone considered to be continuing to cough or splutter asked to leave this however could be hay fever and not infectious Please abide and do not take offence if asked to go home.

  17. No social drinks etc after or before sessions. Until the pubs open.

  18. Have players sign a new medical waiver form - no liability and accept terms. To be completed on first return, I have now found a new sheet that you all must sign before restart this will be emailed to you and would want it returned in the same way , Cheers Mark. 

  19. Consider wearing of protective scarf, bandana, or mask, Optional but good idea.

  20. No sharing of drinks, whistles or pens or anything that could potentially infect others. Obviously.

  21. Wear own kit and retain the bib throughout the session.  allocated bibs will be collected by the person running the session please make sure YOU put your bib in the allocated bag for washing not on the floor for another to pick up please

  22. All bibs to be washed after each session. By session organiser.  

  23. All goalkeepers to wear own gloves. if using the club gloves please take home and return them washed please, they will be clean. 

  24. Dedicated first-aiders must wear protective gloves and masks when treating injuries. this is a difficult one as I personally would not treat anyone unless life threatening. there will be a first aid kit available for self-aiding. 

  25. All sessions to be refereed by a non-playing referee. we will try our best to have a Ref. 

  26. Consider using 3 touch rules to control close activity. This is a good idea, My opinion. 

  27. Reduce vociferous interactions during play (shouting as opposed to talking increases the risk of viral infection). Be mindful of your safe bubble. 

  28. Consider advance payment by card or contact payment system to eliminate cash handling. All members should pay their subs via bank account speak to Mark if this is a problem.

  29. Adapt player groupings as far as possible to keep discreet groups and lower numbers e.g. 5-a-side as opposed to 7-a-side

  30. As far as possible members to be asked to install Govt smart app when available. Not heard of this so, looking into it. 

 All the above is subject to the clubs Insurance, the Government and FA. guidelines and approval and the School alowing us to return there.

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For now all training is suspended until further notice.