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Agm Meeting Held at The

 Mount Pleasant, Cott Lane. Kingswinford. 21st May 2018. 

First, Can I Thank You All for A Great Turnout and That I Have Asked for Food to Be Provided by Ali & Debbie, (But Only for John Green).

And While We Are Here Thank Them for Their Continued Support and Making the Mount Pleasant The Home of Hartshill Strollers.


I Have Been Advised By A Few To Accept Their Apologies’ for Not Being in Attendance Due to Other Commitments. Work, Holidays, Etc.

there are  A Few So Won’t Name Them.

So, I Will Start by Thanking All Previous Members of The Committee and All Members That Have Helped Me Over the Past 4 Years to Build This Club into What It Is Today.

We Have Had Our Fair Share of Success Under the Guidance of Those Members. And I For One Am Truly Thankful.

                     But I Believe It’s Time for A Change,

The sport has evolved way beyond the few clubs that were around 4 Years Ago.

Time Has Moved So Quickly, And I Have Noticed That Over the Past 12 Months that We as A Club Have Become Stagnant in Our Achievement’s.

Hence the Time Is Right to Move On.

The Days of a Bunch of Old Blokes Turning Up to Have A Kick About Is How It All Started. And for A third Of the Members Still Want to Do that, And That Will Remain the Foundation and Ethos of This Club,

So Those Who Wish to Just Come Along for The Fun and Exercise and Even the Social Side of Things Then They Are Always Welcome.


I Have No Intention of Segregating Those Members, But I Do Need to Change the Format Slightly As This Has Become A Bit Messy When They Play Against Stronger and More Competitive Members.

We Have Three Types of Member at The Club,

·         The One’s Just Mentioned Who Want to Come and Keep Fit,

·         The One’s That Want to Play Competitively but Are Not in Any of The Squads. But Are Working and Training to Be Considered for The Squads.

·         And the Squads 50’s 60’s & 65’s

This Is Where the Head Ache Has Always Been Trying to Accommodate Everyone.

I’m sure you All Realize the Training at Present Is A Temporary Situation Until the Kids Football Return for The Winter Months. Around September.

We Have Wednesday Night 7pm Till 8pm For the Squads of the 50’s and 60’s. And This Needs to Be Only Those in Those Squads at That Time, as It Changes the Momentum of The Managers Perspective to Train with Members That Are Not in His Squad Number, So Unless You Have Been Invited by That Manager as A Possible New Recruit Please Do Not Attend. please wait until the next session.

Wednesday Night 8pm Till 9pm Half Pitch. This Is for all members that are not in the squads of 50’s and 60’s, but if there is not enough turn up then those still there and wanting to stay please stay for whole 1 hour and not run off half way through to mess up that session for those who have only come to that session. 

& Thursday Night 8pm Till 9pm Full Pitch. This is a much better opportunity for members wanting more football as we have extra space,

I will keep this time and space under review to the number of attendees as it is no point paying for two pitches when we only need one.

and we also have Sunday morning 10am till 11am full pitch. this is for all members, we have enough pitch time for your £20 per month. and if used correctly you should be getting two sessions per week.

 We Have Started to Attract Members That Have A Vast Amount of Footballing Knowledge at A Standard Way Beyond the Likes of Me.

Other Clubs Too Are Attracting Ex-Professionals and Players That Have Played at High Standards,

And in Return Are Reaping the Rewards That Those Players Bring to Their Clubs and Its Reputation.

I Have Been Advised That This Club Is in The Top 10 Of Clubs in The Whole Country for Either Being One of The First formed back in 2014 Or for Our Achievement’s in The Early Days. This Makes Me Feel Very Proud.

But It’s Just A Number and Irrelevant to What I Want for This Club.


I personally started playing walking football to keep my-self fit. And to meet new people, It has given me that and much more. 

Little did I know when I started Hartshill Strollers I would create a monster.

But that is what I have done, and like it or not I I’m not ready to give it up.

Although there as been times when I felt like packing it all in.

But I’m not a quitter you’ll be glad to know.


You Are All Here Listening to What I Have to Say and Probably Thinking You’re Not Going to Achieve This on Your Own, And You Would Be Absolutely Correct, 

Although I Believe We Don’t Need A Committee as Such,

I Will Need Help from Willing Members in All the Matters That Have Until Now, Got the Club to This Point.

If You Can All See That My Sole Intention Is to Push This Club to Greater Hight’s, Then I’m Sure I Will Have No Problem Recruiting Willing Members to Help Me Achieve This,

It is our club and everything I propose to do is in the interest of you all.

We missed out this year on holding our own tournament due to the cost and the strategies needed to put on such an event but have every intention to do one next year.

I have already been offered £500 towards these costs and I’m not going to name that member of the club for his generosity by way of embarrassing him.

But just goes to show the level of support some members wish to contribute to the club to put on such an event.

And as I was writing this on Saturday afternoon was informed that Barry’s over 60’s National team had just won their game 2-0 to put them through to the next round of the National cup.

We have also got games that have already been booked in over the next couple of months,

The TRA over 50’s cup Verses Birmingham is still to be arraigned.

3rd of June next set of league games at Tamworth

10th of June 50’s V Pele’s Pearls

8th of July more league games at Bedworth

29th of July a Tournament in Sheffield.

just yesterday I was asked if Coleshill could bring an over 60s and an over 65s to come and give us a game. So, I will be getting some dates for that to happen soon.

And I’m positive that we will be getting more,

And can I ask you all to keep your eyes & ears on the lookout for more tournaments and games and let me and the club know.

Yesterday’s league games over in Castle Vale was better for the 60’s than the 50’s after the flying start the 50’s made in the first round hit the buffers yesterday with two 1-0 losses & a draw. The 60’s did better with

Some of you may remember I had the idea of having two over 50’s teams, and after listening to many of you, you will be glad to hear I have dropped this idea. ( I DO LISTEN )

And to deal with plans and idea’s like that I want to Hold an Open Meeting Every Three Months for All Members to Attend If They Wish To.

This Is also to give You All the opportunity to view the running of the club, and to allow you to Air Your Views and help me in ways to Make the Club Grow Stronger. also to Show You the Accounts at All of These Meetings So You Can See How Your Subs Are Being Used to Keep Us All Playing Football and Providing Us All with Equipment And kit we use week in and week out.

Positions: within the club at this moment in time are:

Mark Grazier, Chief executive / treasurer

Gary Davis: manager of the over 50’s

Barry Geyton: manager of the over 60’s.

Bob Haywood: manager of the over 65’s

Webmaster: John Moore - has stepped down and I am doing it until I have a volunteer.   

Gordon Lee: Kit man. 

Positions I am looking for help with are:

Fixtures person: although I believe Barry has agreed to carry on with Birmingham county FA. and all league games for our club.  So, we thank him for that.

We still need to replace Kevin who can I say did a very good job in this position. And it can be a thankless job keeping fingers on the pulse and relaying games to all managers. I will do my very best to give that person as much help and contact numbers to get them on their way.





I don’t think this will be a massive job for a capable computer person. And we don’t get that many people look at anyway.

Member or members: willing to take charge of any training session that I am not in attendance of, to take charge of the session and hold on to Bib’s and balls and First aid bag. And to make the sessions as pleasurable as possible for all.

Any member out of pocket due to washing bib’s or for any other reason to do with helping the club will be compensated. From the club funds.  

First aiders: to make themselves known to the club that are willing to attend to any injured player in my absence as I am now a qualified First aider.


I also want to point out that because of the new laws on Data Protection that all your details that you have previously provided about your health issues will be destroyed and only your Names, DOB, and emergency contact numbers. And I we have had to have photo ID needed for certain league games. but I can assure you these will all be kept safely by me.    

I will be printing out a code of conduct that I want all members to abide by as members of Hartshill Strollers this will I hope safeguard all of us from aggressive, abusive or negativity. It is on this site if you look. 

Finally, I thank you all for your time in attending tonight and say I really appreciate it.

And now I’m ready for any of your questions or suggestions.

Thank you.