THIS is ace defender Bernard Bustin as you’ve never seen him before – as a woman.

But, he is keen to assure team-mates, his secret cross-dressing life style has not been uncovered . . . it’s all in a good cause.

Bernard is pictured taking part in a charity event – Walk a Mile in a Woman’s Shoes – held in West Park, Wolverhampton.

He was among about 100 men who tottered around on high heels – and usually in eyebrow-raising dresses, too – to raise money for The Haven, a women’s refuge in Wolverhampton.

Bernard, a keen supporter of charitable causes, raised the largest single amount of sponsorship on the day . . . £460.

In doing so, he won first prize of a Red Letter Day trip in a hot air balloon. But ever-generous Bernard donated the prize to his son’s football team, Dudley Sports, which raffled it for club funds, raising £300.

Bernard said: “I’m not in the habit of wearing women’s clothes, and while the day was great fun, it had a serious underlying theme: trying to make all of us, especially men, aware of the everyday problems facing many women.

“Before I retired, I worked in social services and I am acutely aware of the plight of lots of women, and their children, especially from domestic violence.

“The Haven” performs a vital role and deserves support.

“As might be expected, it was difficult walking on high heels at all – let alone for a mile - especially on a stony path around a park.”

This website’s fashion correspondent reports that – for his hobble - Bernard wore a pair of fetching high-heeled sling-backs (Size 12!), teamed with a floral summer mini dress (Size 22) which he bought for £2 from an end-of season sale at Primark.

Bernard, who also had his arms waxed at the event, added a fetching wig and stockings and suspenders to his ensemble.

In another charity effort, he grew a beard just so that he could dye it purple to benefit Cancer Research, raising £370.