Chesterton Tournament Sunday 7th May 2017

Another lovely day and another well organised tournament, this time hosted by Chesterton Crusaders and held at Keele University.


There were 16 teams entered in 4 leagues of 4 teams, each team was 6 a side with subs and each game was 15 minutes straight through.


Hartshill Strollers entered 2 teams, North in league 4 & South in League 2. Hartshill South were pitted against the winners of the Hartshill Strollers Tournament of a couple of weeks ago, LPF88 WFC.


League 1: Retro Rovers, Active FC1, CCWF1, Staffordshire Moorlands.

League 2: Port Vale, Bedworth & District WF1, Hartshill Strollers South, LBF88 WFC.

League 3: Sheffield United, Stoke City, Birmingham, Stone Old Alleynians.

League 4: Bedworth & District WF2, Active FC2, CCWF2, Hartshill Strollers North.


Hartshill South Team: Kevin Weston, Adrian Chilton, Gary Davis, Ray Woodhall, Pete Grove, Steve Edwards, Derek Hughes.


Hartshill South started their day by beating LPF88 WFC 1-0, this was a fast paced game, with several scoring opportunities for both teams, but LPF88, couldn't hold off the goal scoring skills of Hartshill’s Adrian Chilton. Hartshill South went straight on to be beaten by Bedworth WF1, 1-0, this was a fairly even game with a lucky deflection for Bedworth. After a short break Hartshill went on to beat Port Vale 1-0, with an excellent goal by Hartshill's Ray Woodhall. Derek Hughes was in goal and made several excellent saves throughout the day.


Hartshill North Team: Barry Geyton, Steve Nicholls, John Cooper, Dave Lunn, Bernard Bustin, Archie Jones.


Hartshill North started their day being paired with CCWF2, unfortunately CCWF took the lead and Hartshill finished the game with a 0-1 score. After a short break Hartshill North went on to beat Bedworth 2, 2-0, this was an evenly matched game but there was no stopping Hartshill’s John “Cooper Man” Cooper, who found his goal scoring form. In their third game of the day Hartshill N, went on to be defeated 1-0 by Active FC. Bernard Bustin did an excellent job in goal for the Hartshill North team.


Both of the Hartshill teams made it through to the semi finals:

In the first quarter final Hartshill South drew 1-1 with Retro Rovers, with Adrian Chilton being the goal scorer, this game went to penalties, which Hartshill South won 2-0. Hartshill South went on to play Sheffield United in the Semi Final and were subsequently knocked out by losing 2-0.


Penalty takers: Adrain Chilton and Gary Davis.


In the other quarter final Hartshill North played Stoke, who they beat 2-1, goal scorers Steve Nicholls and John Cooper. Hartshill North then went on to play LPF88 in the Semi Final, the game was a 0-0 draw and went to penalties, unfortunately the Strollers were knocked out by a 2-0 penalty shoot out.


Penalty takers: Steve Nicholls and John Cooper.

Well done to the overall Tournament trophy winners, Sheffield United.


Port Vale went on to win the plate, even though they did not manage to score a goal throughout the league games.


We would like to give a big thank you to Chesterton Crusaders for hosting a most enjoyable tournament.

Report by Fiona Weston.