Coleshill “Friendly” Sunday 23rd July 2017 


 It was a bit of grey day when Hartshill Strollers took 2 mixed teams over to Coleshill for two friendly games, each game was gruelling 30 minutes each way and both teams had their work cut out for them. 

Team South: Paul Roche, Ivan White, Paul Whitehead, Bob Haywood, Adrian Heath, Mark Mullett Pete Elwell, Gareth Edwards. 

Team North: Kevin Weston, Dave Shaw, John “Sankey” Middleton, Bernie Bustin, Ray Woodhall, Mick Burdis, Gordon Lee, John Moore

Both teams started well and were quite evenly matched against their opponents, however, Coleshill played their regular teams, giving them the advantage during todays games. Hartshill had two mixed teams, with players who do not regularly play together as a team. 

Team North took an early lead against Coleshill B Team, with a magnificent goal scored by Mick Burdis, both teams had several opportunities at scoring but also had several near misses. However Coleshill soon equalised with a lucky goal after goalie, Bernie, went to make the save but the ball bounced over him and trickled into the goal. Coleshill B then went on to score another 2 goals before half time, leaving Hartshill North a bit frustrated and slightly deflated. During the second half Hartshill struggled to find their rhythm and started to wane. Coleshill didn’t give much away and the chances of Hartshill getting near to scoring a goal became quite remote and they ended up giving 2 more goals to Coleshill. 

Final Score: Hartshill North 1 – Coleshill B 5


Team Souths game kind of mirrored the North game, with them having a strong start and both teams being evenly matched. Hartshills Gareth Edwards scored an excellent goal, smacking the ball into the back of the net off his right foot, this was Hartshill Souths only goal of the game. Hartshill South also felt the effects of the long game and started to tire in the second half. Coleshill took control of the game and went on to score 3 goals. 

Final score Hartshill South 1 – Coleshill A 3 

Written By: Fiona J Weston.