Third League game of 2018

Hartshill Strollers 7-1  Coleshill 

The game kicked off at 1.15 pm at Bedworth in blustery conditions, and persistent rain but this this not stop Hartshill imposing their passing on the game against a Coleshill side with several key players missing. Coleshill struggled to get into the Hartshill half and were 3-0 at half time, the second half continued in similar fashion, and although Hartshill made changes and scored a fourth goal Coleshill did manage to pull a goal back. The Hartshill players peppered the Coleshill goal and added another 3 goals before the end. The referee awarded Hartshill a penalty after a Colehill player inadvertently entered his own goal area. Ian Trevor in his eagerness stepped up and scored in the corner, only for the referee to order that it be retaken as there were players in front of the ball. The retaken spot kick was saved by The Coleshill keeper, Keith (Percy) Parfitt. The game was played in a good spirit and well refereed by John McCabe Referee Mark 8/10. Goal scorers: Bob Dunning 4, Ian Trevor, Clive Stokes & Steve Nicholls.

Hartshill Squad: Dave Seddon, John Green, Clive Stokes, Steve Nicholls, Bob Dunning, Chris Pardoe, Ian Trevor, Barry Geyton, Pete Checketts.