First League game of 2018 for the newly formed Hartshill Black

Hartshill Strollers (Black) 1-6  Boldmere St Michael

Called Hartshill Black due to colour of new kit for new 50's team.

as we already have an over 50's team in Blue.  

Match report: 

The first game of our second team to enter the league newly called Hartshill Black, due to the new colour strip so no contrast in colours with other teams in same league. 

New team Managed by Mark Grazier,.

started there first game with Paul Roche in Goal, Dave Shaw, & mark Mullett, in Defence, Tracy Dudwell & Eddie Tromans in midfield, And Derek Hughes as Striker. Mark Grazier as the only Sub,


Game started off as they all do with both teams feeling there feet, but within 3 minuets it started to become apparent that the Referee had little clue as to the rules as far as running was,  and allowed an opponent from Boldmere to run down the wing with the ball and fire a shot into the side netting of our Goal, And as Mark G made a remark to the referee as to why that was not pulled up for running was told to be quiet, within a short time afterward tackles into the back of our players were not being pulled up either, so Mark G. questioned the referee again and was told that that was my second warning, and I would be sent off if I continued to question him. then within minuets the coach from Boldmere was 3 yards on the field of play behind the said ref shouting instructions to his team, so Mark G bought this to the attention of the referee, by saying "look behind you ref they got an extra man on the pitch", with this the ref came over to Mark G. and sent him off the field of play, a few choice words were exchanged and Mark G left the pitch side as requested. leaving his team with no Substitutions to field should there be a need,

the game carried on and Hartshill did all they could to play in the appropriate manner of the sport but it became obvious that the ref had other idea's and made bad decision after bad, the only fair point given to Hartshill was when one of Boldmere players entered his own box to block an attack and gave a penalty to Hartshill , Eddie Tromans stepped up to slot it in the net sending the keeper the wrong way. but by this time they had scored two anyway.

both from a run and shoot position. Half Time2-1 Boldmere.

it was also noted the referee, knew Boldmere players by name leading us to think the ref knew these guys, but our guys did what they could to play as we had been trained to play walking football, and pushed high to try and get something out of this game, with some of them carrying injuries from harsh tackles and not being able to sub another player battled on allowing Boldmere to capitalise on weak defence and bad decisions by the ref and gained another 4 goals by the end of the game.  Full time Boldmere 6-1 Hartshill Black.

Manager Mark Grazier apologised to all his players for getting himself removed from the field and blamed himself for the loss.

The Team: Paul Roche, Dave Shaw, Mark Mullett, Tracy Dudwell, Eddie Tromans, Derek Hughes, Mark Grazier. Removed Sub.