First Games of the winter series for the over 50's and over 60's against Beechroft at Summerhill School, 21st November 2015

Hartshill v Beechcroft over 50’s

John Moore acted as referee with manager Mark Grazier playing in goal for Hartshill, 

The first half was pretty even with Beechcroft getting used to playing with some new players that had never played before in a competitive game, it became apparent that the physical side of Beechcroft’s game was something Hartshill were not used to and complained to the referee about tackles from behind and running on and off the ball. 

Eddie Tromans was on the receiving end of four or five quite nasty tackles with an arm across the face on two occasions, Eddie being a player of very few words, very mild mannered and fair in his football, felt he was being harshly treated and stood up to an opponent to confront him, 

It all got a little heated and was eventually calmed down and the game continued with Beechcroft scoring a goal  that was deflected past the keeper,  the first half ended 1 - 0 to Beechcroft. 

Second half was more of the same from Beechcroft with running and some bad challenges; they did manage to score another two, again both deflections after Mark felt he had them covered one being from his own defender. Hartshill fought hard to play football and managed a goal back from Gary Davis.

More challenges followed that were deemed  unfair, and again Eddie was on the end of another challenge; things looked like getting out of hand so manager/goalie Mark brought the game to a halt in fear of things becoming more physical. 


HARTSHILL TEAM; Mark Grazier (goal); Dave Lunn; Gary Davis; Andie Lissemore; Ivan White; Kevin Weston; Eddie Tromans; Richard Delahaye.      

Hartshill v Beechcroft over 60’s

Manager Mark Grazier stood in for assistant manager and over 60s manager Bob Haywood as he was too ill to attend, Mark was also appointed referee for this game. 

This was a six-a-side game with substitutes.

Hartshill started this match with our stand in goalie Bernard Bustin “So thanks for that “

This game was played in the right spirit and the referee was quick to have this game under control,

It appeared that both teams were sizing each other up for the first few minutes, then there was an opening for Richard after some neat passing to put Hartshill one goal up. 

The game was quite even then for about another few minutes , and then again Richard slipped his defender and pounced on another great pass, a little shimmy and bang, another Hartshill  goal. 

This all became easy for Hartshill but Beechcroft fought hard to keep things even until half time. 

The second half was played in the same manner as the first and both teams had their chances on goal but Hartshill scored another, John Moore getting on the score sheet,  Beechcroft never gave up and got themselves a goal back. Then there was another Hartshill goal and and probably the best of the game from Steve Nicholls, a powerful shot from his own half of the pitch that went flashing past other players and then the keeper “and this from a defender”. 

Beechcroft still fought on and added another goal to there tally., but at the final whistle it was 5-2 to Hartshill.

A great game played by both teams in the manner it is meant to be. Well done to all.       

HARTSHILL TEAM Bernard Bustin (goal); Les Evans; Mick Burdis; Dave Lunn; Steve Nicholls, John Moore; Richard Delahaye.