Over 60s Game against Highley.

We played an under 40s Team at training Tuesday night,

because our over 60s Team are playing away against Highley,


over 60s won 2-1

over 50s lost 16-4

What can we say, Well done to the over 60s

and not so well done to the over 50s

but it was a reminder of what we used to be like,

and show the kids what they have got to look forward to in there later years. LOL.




OUR Over-60s side came down to earth with a bump in this away friendly at Shrewsbury on Sunday, August 2.

The oldsters were in confident mood after beating Highley in their first match only five days before.

But the Shrews were a different proposition and were well worth their victory.

The format of the match was strange: three, 20-minute games in a row, with just a quick break in between – and six-a-side.

We turned up with the bare six players (no subs) as this was as many as we could muster.

We lost the first game 0-1, which was disappointing but not disheartening, and hoped for a better result in the second and third clashes.

But it was not to be as we went down 1-3 and 1-4, for an aggregate score of 2-8.

Man-of-the-match was Barry Geyton who played at centre forward and centre half (at the same time!) and scored both of our goals.

Sheer exhaustion (and the lack of subs) was the main factor in our defeat, although Shrewsbury were undoubtedly a better outfit – and with plenty of subs!

Hartshill Over-60s manager Bob Haywood said: “We learned a lot from the match – mainly that we have to do better.

“There are other over-60s players in the club who may well have made for a better all-round team, but they were unavailable on the day.

“The encouraging aspect is that our ‘super six’ kept battling to the end, despite staring defeat in the face.

“We were not helped by playing to entirely different rules which, frankly, we never got to grips with.

“It’s no excuse but it certainly played its part in the outcome.”

  • For those who care, Shrewsbury play over head height; in fact one of their goals was a header!

  • The ball never goes out on the side-lines. Play is continuous off the fence or base-board, and wall passes are allowed.

  • The goalkeeper is not permitted to pick up back passes.

  • The keeper can come out of the D; and attacking and defending outfield players can go into the D.

  • They use hockey goals which are narrower but taller than ours.

  • The pitch is virtually square, and goals have to be scored from within the opposition half . So long-range shots which end up in the net are disallowed.







Our newly-formed over 60s team got off to a winning start against Highley at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre on Tuesday, July 28.

It looked as though it would be a goal feast when Paul Farrington thumped in two super goals within the first 10 minutes.

But – stunned by the set-back – Highley piled on the pressure and pulled one back just before half-time.

In the second half, we were hoping to forge ahead again, but Highley were gritty and strong and we were happy to hold out for the win.

A crucial moment in the victory was a sensational tip-over save by John Roberts in what turned out to be the last kick of the match.

Highley are keen for a return at our place – no doubt looking for revenge for their narrow defeat. We have another friendly – on Sunday (August 2) at Shrewsbury.

Club assistant manager Bob Haywood, who is in charge of the Over-60s team, said: “We have learned a lot from our first outing, against Highley.

“It was an entirely different proposition from when we played them at home in April – and won 7-1.

“On that day, our visitors were only able to field a team because we loaned them two of our players.

“But, looking back at our team sheet for that home friendly, we fielded a very strong – and much younger! – team.

“Now, we are in the over-60s world, we realise we have much to learn.

“But there were solid performances by all of our players and a magnificent team spirit.

“They all kept battling right to the final whistle.”

The team was pleased that it had a ‘crowd’: Mick Burdis brought his wife; and youngster Franco Macchiarelli also cheered us on.

Team v. Highley (alphabetical order): Mick Burdis, Bernard Bustin, Pete Elwell, Paul Farrington, Barry Geyton, Bob Haywood, Pete Marsden, John Roberts.



Our over 50s Fared less well in our friendly

We gave host to a young Team instead of training,

We stated off 6 v 6 but after a couple of goals from the youngsters they said do we want to add the one extra man we had there, The youth gave us a good game and it didn't take them long to get used to walking instead of running, They found it hard to not run just as we all do,

We played two 25 minute halves,

with the final score 16-4 to the young ones.

We all enjoyed it and then pub.





HARTSHILL Strollers North team are on target to win through to the next round of

the Walking Football United national tournament.

They won all of their three matches of the first leg of the qualifying tie at Summerhill

School, Kingswinford. on Saturday, June 6.

It was a highly-convincing performance in what is regarded as walking football's

equivalent of the FA Cup.

The day turned out to be high energy with six, 20-minute games being played on the

same afternoon.

Hartsh ill kicked off with a game between our North and South teams, which North

won 5-2. Goals for the victorious team came from Gary Davis (2), Franco

Macchiarelli, Eddie Tromans and Steve Edwards.

South gave North an early scare when Mark Grazier opened the scoring for South to

go 1-0 up and then netted again - after North equalised - to put South in the lead for a

second time at 2-1.

At half-time, the score was a tight 2-2 but North steeped up the pressure in the second

half and scored three more goals. South were kept at bay by some great saves from Derek Hughs

In goal for the North team. (Derek went on to be even more Heroic in the games that followed,

With clean sheets in both the other games against Beechcroft,)  Man of the match in the eye's of the manager Mark Grazier.

North then went on to beat Beechcroft's (Blues) team 2-0, with goals from Gary (who

else?) and Andy Cotterill.

The also beat Beechcroft's ( Whites) team 3-0, with Gary being a hat-trick hero.

South fared less well, going on from the 2-5 defeat by fellow club-mates to lose 0-5

and 1-6 to the two Beechcroft teams.

Under the tournament rules, this gives Hartsh ill Strollers North a maximum six points

going into the second leg at Beechcroft on Saturday, July 4.

This puts their nose ahead of both the Beechcroft teams, which each won, drew and

lost a game, giving them both three points.

Hartshill Strollers South were left pointless. But - as they say - there is all to play for

on July 4.

All the matches - with qualified referees - were played in a good sporting spirit. Even

Franco behaved himself.

This was just as well as we were delighted to have as our guests for the afternoon Dr

Roy Taylor. and Sam Mullett.

Roy is managing director of Malthouse Engineering, parent company of Keiton

Engineering, our shirt sponsors; while Sam is project assistant with the Leap Over 50

initiative of Age UK Dudley who Kindly sponsored the home leg.

We are greatful to both of them for comimng along and for their continuing support.



Beechcroft whites and Blues  V   Hartshill North and South

Round 2 Away At Beechcroft.

Please forgive me as Bob was not here to give a runing comentry on the games today,

I will do my best to say it as i saw it.

We had one pitch to play on at Beechcroft so there was one game being played each time 10 mins each half with a small breather inbetween for a quick drink,

The ref was Alistair who refereed our home match so was familiar with both teams,

Points from the last games are as follows:-

Hartshill North 9 points, Hartshill South 0 Points,

Beechcroft Blues 4 Points, Beechcroft Whites 4 points,


The draw saw Our North Team play Beechcroft Whites, it was a close game with both teams having  their fair share of attempts on goal, With chances being missed or saved at both ends it took our Franco of all people on a rare push forward to go all the way from over the halfway line straight to goal with a shimmy this way and that to dummy the keeper and slot home the only goal of the match,

giving North the first win of the day.   Beechcroft Whites 0 - 1 Hartshill north.

The next game South had their chance playing Beechcroft Blues


South gave one of their best peformances seen in a long time , Stewart made some great saves to keep out Beechcroft for most of the first half, but a defensive error gifted them with a goal just before half time, In the second half we got better and a great through ball from Steve into the path of me (Mark) giving me the chance to shoot and get a rebound from the save and then tuck it away for the draw. game ended Beechcroft Blues 1 - 1 Hatrshill South 


We had a bit longer break after this game because the Blues had to play North next and as they just played a game it was only fair,

This game was a very close game with both teams doing their best to score,  Blues scored first and gave our boys a good game but when the chips are down we seem to up our game and this game ended with a draw. North 2 - 2 Blues


next up was South again this time against Whites another close encounter !

we played our hearts out in this one knowing it was going to be tough and I was so proud of my squad !,  it was a very close and almost to the end looking like another Draw for South, but it wasn't to be, I'm not going to put anyone down or complain we did our best and i think they were shocked at how well we did play and that was confirmed after the game from all of their players.

South 1 - 2  Whites


Then we had another of those Breaks as Both Hartshill teams are to play each other,

Great team effort from both teams and with nothing to play for but pride and a lot of tired legs this was played at a steady but competative pace that saw North go again unbeaten, 

North 2 - 1 South


The final game of the day was the two Beechcroft teams, This was a formality with Hartshill North through to the next round, and now nothing to play for,  Beechcroft played an 8 aside, to give all players a final run out, You could see all players enjoying that game as mates with the club manager Paul having a run out too, this game ended

Blues 1 - 3 Whites


To all my players a massive well done you all done me proud. Thanks.

Can i just say a massive thank you to the referee Alistair for giving his time to ref all games and i'm sure Paul Murtagh along with myself Mark Grazier Hope to see him doing a great job in the future,

And also thanks for the food and drinks provided by Paul's wife a great spead,

We look forward to future games with Beechcroft and we thank them for hosting this game, and thank them for their kind words of good luck as we go forward to play in the next round.

and we wish them luck in their future tournament down south.

Cheers All . Mark Grazier    


Final Results combined 

Hartshill North 16 Points ( Champions )

Hartshill South 1 Point

Beechcroft Whites 10 points

Beechcroft Blues 6 points   



Warley V Hartshill

HARTSHILL Strollers has a good work-out in a friendly against Warley Strollers on Saturday, May 30.

The match was arranged as part of our build-up to the first round of the WFU National Cup on Saturday, June 6.

That clash – versus old rivals Beechcroft – will probably be the most important so far in our club’s short history.

Progress will mean we play teams from outside our immediate area, with the hope of possible national glory.

The friendly against Warley ended in a 5-8 defeat.

High-scoring matches are to be expected at Warley’s ground as the goals are so large. Any goalward shot is almost bound to find the net.

Even Bob Haywood could score – well that’s an exaggeration – but our dear assistant manager gallantly dropped himself from the team and even from the subs’ bench.

Instead he acted as escort to one of our star player’s delightful new girlfriend who turned out as our sole fan; time-keeper in the 2nd half; and referee for the last 10 minutes.

Gary Davis – who else? – scored 4 of our goals. What would we do without him? The 5th was added by Eddie Tromans.

It was a workmanlike performance by Hartshill against a dogged and tough-tackling Warley and the result was in the balance until the last five minutes when the hosts rattled in three quick goals.

We played well, with an excellent debut by new recruit Barry Geyton, who will clearly be a great asset to the club.

There were many other good performances but we just lost our edge and our opponents had some very skilful players. We can have no quibble with the result.

So, that’s the warm-up . . . now bring on the Beechcroft.

Destiny beckons.



Hartshill at the wolves


HARTSHILL Strollers put in an excellent double performance in the Wolves Community Trust Project Day at The Molinuex on Saturday, May 23.

It was a great day out and gave our two teams the chance to play on the turf of a top class football stadium – possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Buoyed up by our triumph in the Rugeley Challenge Cup tournament four weeks earlier, we had high highs of lifting another trophy.

But it was not to be.

Our first team acquitted themselves very well with three wins and a defeat in their four matches, while the 2nd team managed two draws and two losses.

The other clubs involved were West Midlands Fire Service, Jane Lane Strollers and Black Country Labour.

The firefighters were the winners.

Our first team beat Jane Lane Strollers 5-0 in a match which saw Martin Broome score a hat-trick.

Our own mini-tournament - 1st v 2nd teams – ended 0-0.

The tournament took some getting used to as the rules of play were entirely different from our own  – and rival teams included some much younger players.

The big pitch and small goals were additional problems, although it was obviously the same for all five teams.

As well as walking football, the Project Day featured volleyball, netball and athletics.

A free, 20-minute health check was available for all.

Jo Dodd, project leader for Black Country in Motion, said the aim of the event was to encourage more grassroots participation in physical activity to improve health and fitness.

Hartshill Strollers manager Mark Grazier – a die-hard Wolves fan - said: “It was fantastic to play at The Molineux – I’ll treasure the memory forever.

“We didn’t win but it was a good day out and both our teams played well.”



OUR winning streak continued with a 5-0 home win over Shrewsbury on Monday, May 11.

It was a highly convincing performance, although our visitors may have thought the score line was a little flattering.

Harts Hill Strollers hot shot Gary Davis scored a hat-trick, with bearded man mountain Nigel Coley Smith and pocket rocket John Moore adding a goal each.

But – apart from the score – the most satisfying aspect of the match was that all of the players (and subs) put in excellent performances.

Although the team was selected to be fair to all of the club’s players in competitive matches, it was a settled and well-balanced side.

There was a tentative start of the match as Shrewsbury obviously has some good players.

So, it was not until the 15th minute that big Nige opened the scoring for Hartshill, with Gazza netting five minutes before half time.

The Blues-supporting legend scored again just two minutes after the re-start, with John the Mon unleashing a pile-driver at 31 minutes and Gazza smashing in his third goal eight minutes from the final whistle.

But while these are the goal-scoring glory boys, the team was solid in goal, in defence and midfield, even when the subs came on which can sometimes be disruptive.

Not here. The changes were seamless.

Shrewsbury’s fixtures secretary has since said they really enjoyed the match, despite losing, as it was played in a friendly and sporting manner.

They have invited us for a re-match at their place, probably with two teams, later in the summer.



Hartshill V Highley

This was a first outing for Highley, and we were only to happy to host a home game for them.

Having only a team of 6 we offered them 2 of our lads Bob Haywood and Mick Burdis,

They stepped up to the plate to allow them to give there lads a breather,

It was a close game for the first 8 mins, 

Then we scored the first goal,

The game was full of effort from both teams and you could see Highley getting more and more into the game they managed to get a goal with the score at 5-0,

They should be proud of there game as we have played a lot more than they have.

I'm sure they will look at giving us another game in the near future with a veiw to winning the return match.

It was a great boost for our team, so well done lads and lets go forward and get some more wins under our belts. 

Hartshill strollers 7 - 1 Highley fc. 

Goals from Derek Hughs 4, Eddy Tromans 2, Les Evans 1.

Forgive me if this is wrong but i did't keep a proper record of the scorers.