Silver Sunday Tournament

Hartshill Strollers took a mixed team down to Worcester Community Trust to play in their tournament. There were 8 teams in total, each team played 3 games in the group stages and each game was 10 minutes straight.

Team line up: Dave Seddon, Dave Shaw, Pete Grove, Mark Mullett, Eddie Tromans, Ray Woodhall, Adrian Chilton, Paul Whitehead, Rob Dunning.


Game 1: Hartshill Strollers v Bedworth WF

Hartshill put on a good performance against Bedworth WF and had several opportunities to take control of the game, however Bedford WF defended well and both teams failed to land a ball in the back of the net. Final Score 0-0


Game 2: Hartshill Strollers v The Winning Post

This was an action packed 10 minutes - Hartshill dominated the game from the beginning and had plenty of opportunities to score, they took the lead when The Winning Post gave a penalty away, this was expertly executed by Adrian Chilton who hammered it home, Adrian went on to score another 2 goals and was closely followed by Eddie Tromans who scored 2. Dave Shaw had a near miss, as the ball was deflected off the post. Final Score: Hartshill Strollers 5 – 0 The Winning Post.


Game 3: Hartshill Strollers v Hindlip

Hartshill seemed to lose their momentum during this game, enabling Hindlip to gain the advantage. The game was well played and defended but Hindlip managed to knock one past the goalie and into the back of the net. Hartshill didn’t really regain their momentum throughout the game and were a bit disappointed with the result. Final Score Hartshill Strollers 0 – 1 Hindlip.


Game 4: The knockout stages – Hartshill Strollers v Retro Rangers

Hartshill didn’t really recover from game 3 and took their disappointment into this game, with momentum lacking Retro Rangers gave it their all and took the lead from Hartshill. Retro Rangers went on to win the game. Final Score Hartshill Strollers 0 – 2 Retro Rangers.

A bit of a disappointing result for Hartshill, but thank you to all the players and supporters who showed up to take part and show their support.

Rich Widdowson did an excellent job of organising this tournament and I was impressed with the attention to detail of the paperwork and the laminated schedule of games, this is very handy, especially if it rains.



Report written by Fiona J Weston