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Bob's age analysis

THE latest club records show that our combined membership age is a whopping 2,592 years . . . and counting!

The average age of club members is 58 years and 11 months.

The setting up of the four-squad system - North, South, East and West - has shown that the 'youngest' squad (with a combined age of 585 years) is North - and the 'oldest' West (727 years). East's is 591 years and that of South 689 years.

The youngest individual players - in a club membership now totalling 44, and growing - are babes-in-arms Adrian Chilton and Gareth Priest, both aged 50. The oldest - as we all know - is super-veteran Alun Hughes, who is 84.

Three members are in their 70s (Bob Haywood, Mick Burdis and John Moore) - the bulk being in either their 50s or 60s.

Self-appointed club statistician Bob Haywood, who has unearthed this fascinating insight into the club's age profile and clearly has too much spare time on his hands, said: "I think the figures are right although I failed my GCE O Level in maths so they may well be wrong!

"One thing's for certain: we're all getting older and with membership increasing all the time, the figures will increase, too."