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STRIKER Adrian Heath had a frantic morning before he even arrived at the Goals Dudley tournament.

He set off bus in plenty of time and was sure he had mastered the route timetable.

The bus driver even assured Ade he knew Goals Dudley and would make sure he was dropped off right outside.

In fact, Ade found himself dumped in the middle of a housing estate two miles away.

He was due to play in the club’s North team (of Over 50s) and when manager Gary Davis heard of his lost lamb, Bob Haywood kindly agreed to go and fetch him – although the kick off time was looming fast.

Bob thought he knew where Ade was stranded at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain.

But the gods were against a quick rendezvous and the hapless pair eventually made it to the tournament just in the nick of time.