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Les's Bowls Night

I wish to warn the rest of the HS membership with regards to the underhand tactics certain of our colleagues resort to to achieve “victory”.

A pleasant evening of bowls amongst “friends” was ruined by certain members of the party demeaning themselves before the great and good of Bromsgrove.

The conduct of the two elder statesmen in the party (Les and Mick) was, as usual, exemplary. Unfortunately, the two whipper snappers who accompanied us

seemed happy to resort to ungentlemanly conduct in their efforts to ensure a win.

I suppose in light of a recent “sending off”, we shouldn’t be too surprised at the behaviour of “Red Card” Nicholls, but he is leading others (namely Barry Geyton),

down the same slippery slope.

I do believe my lime and soda was also spiked.

Perhaps an official warning as to their future conduct will suffice, much as I would like to propose expulsion.

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