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Bob's key to a problem

Our ever-popular vice chairman and assistant manager, Bob Haywood, has been a Good Samaritan to the forgetful on more than one occasion - but has been known to express an opinion about these bouts of forgetfulness.

But the boot was on the other foot (ho, ho) at training on Wednesday, October 11, when dozy Bob arrived back at his car and couldn't find his keys.

In the gloom of the car park, he searched the FOUR bags he now has to take to training - and also walked slowly all around the deserted pitch, to see if the keys had fallen out of his track suit pocket, but to no avail.

Helpfully, Bob always leaves his mobile phone in the car so he couldn't ring for help!

Fortunately, new member John Carpenter came to the rescue. Although John lives in Swindon, he drove Bob home to Stourbridge to collect his spare key - and then back to Summerhill School. Mercifully, the school gates were still open even though it was well past 9.30 pm . . . and all ended well.

In fact, Bob's long-suffering wife, Linda, later found the pesky key in the pocket of his rain jacket which he had taken off and stuffed into one of his capacious bags before starting to play.

Bob said: "I certainly owe John a drink. And I'll stop sounding off about members who mislay their car keys - even the serial offenders. They know who they are!"

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