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The club's oldest player has been unmasked . . . as a top goalkeeper.

Alun Hughes, who is 85, pulled on the gloves during training on Thursday, January 19, and showed off his amazing talents.

He saved a succession of goal-bound shots with his feet and hands, including a thunderbolt from Andie Lissemore.

Players on both sides applauded his performance when he handed over to less able team-mates.

As goals went in past his hapless successors in a 6-2 defeat, the chant went up: "Bring back Alun!"

Alun's talents as a goalie have been a secret because - until now - he has only ever played in an outfield position, showing off his cultured left foot.

One stunned player said: "It was a really great spell of goalkeeping by Alun. Everyone - on both sides - loved it."

Nobody should have been really surprised at Alun's all-round football skills because he played with the legendary T. G. Jones, ex-Everton and Wales, in semi-professional football in Wales during the 1950s.

If you've never heard of T. G. Jones, just look him up . . . you'll be hugely impressed.

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