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It's Hot Shot Haywood's night

Bob Haywood, the club's much-loved assistant manager, scored a peach of a goal at training on Thursday, February 22.

Finding the back of the net has been such a rare event of late for the super-veteran that he has decided to tell the world - well, this website - about his feat.

And to prove that there's life in the old dog yet, Bob, also the club's Over 65s manager, earlier hit the post with a cross-shot . . . and later provided a terrific assist for Andie Lissemore to score what looked likely to be the winner.

But another old stager, Mick Burdis, popped up with the last kick of the match to make it a 3-3 draw in the 9-a-side match on the full pitch.

The late-late goal was hard on keeper Gerry Smith who pulled off a string of breath-taking saves in the game - the best attended Thursday night session of the year so far.

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