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Serving up Double

The club's only husband-and-wife members served up a double victory in two different sports - on the same day.

Stewart and Tracey Dudwell kindly turned out to play in an inter-club friendly on Saturday, May 12.

They volunteered - at very short notice - to help give the Over 65s squad a work-out after their opponents in the first round of the WFA National Cup pulled out.

The Dudwells' offer to play was selfless because they had to rush off to Droitwich immediately after the game for a league tennis match which had already been arranged.

As it turned out, they helped the makeshift team beat the veterans 2-1 at football - and, in the tennis, they won both of their matches: 6-2,6-1; and 6-0, 6-0.

They're clearly as good at tennis as they are at walking football!

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