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Bob's Hartshill Come Back - at 80!!

HARTSHILL Strollers stalwart Bob Haywood has staged a comeback on the pitch – at the age of 80.

Bob, a member of the club for 10 years, hung up his boots a year ago, although ever since he has been a regular ref at friendlies and an enthusiastic supporter – with his lovely wife Linda - at big matches across the Midlands.

But he turned out for the club’s Healthwise group – just three days after becoming an octogenarian. Bob said:

"It was great to be back. I thoroughly enjoyed the session."
“I joined Hartshill Strollers four months after it was formed and have been a member ever since."
“Indeed, I am one of the club’s only four Life members."
“I am the second longest-serving member, just behind club President Mark Grazier who founded Hartshill Strollers in early 2014."
“Way back then, at the age of 70, I was already pretty long in the tooth, even for walking football, while Mark – who became my very best pal - was almost 20 years’ younger!
“As Hartshill went from strength to strength, I held many positions in the club and my proudest moment was managing the men’s Over 65s to the WFA National Cup finals in 2018."
“Wow, what an achievement!
“But – as the years have rolled by – I was finding the pace of the general sessions a little too arduous, so I knocked it on the head."
“However, with the formation of the Healthwise group – I saw an opportunity to revive my not-so-illustrious football career.
“Healthwise is a terrific idea – aimed at members (and non-members) who have, or have had, serious health issues such as Parkinson’s and cancer, but is also there for players coming back from injury and, in my case, being ultra-old.”
Bob added: “I have a host of medical conditions but my main affliction is being a keen but hopeless footballer.
“There’s no cure for that but the Healthwise group has been a great tonic. I recommend it to anyone.”

For all his renowned modesty, Bob is still only the third-oldest member of the Healthwise group. He won’t name his elders.

But the trio prove there’s hope – and walking football - for everyone.

If you're interested in giving Healthwise a try please call John on 07555451677 or Jay on 07921174074

Bob in his prime - circa 1980


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