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Brave performance by battling Hartshill over 60’s team

This is a long tournament report but I make no apology for that as it is difficult to succinctly pay credit to the lads today.

The 60’s team started the day with the bare minimum 6 players. Unfortunately due to injuries and other circumstances they were down to 6 and could not get replacements in time. The tournament had been revamped and there were four 15 minute games to play in the group stages. After the first 15 minutes against Neath Dragons, Hartshill were leading 1-0 and pushing forward when Reg Walker was set up for a shot at goal by Sarv Tah. After striking the ball his Achilles partially tore and he was rendered incapacitated for the next 3 games leaving the fantastic 5 to continue with the tournament. There was not much expectation that Hartshill would get much further. These teams were the 60’s winners from all of their Regional leagues and there were some excellent teams on display such as Unity, Godalming, Kingsmaid , Barnett and Bracknel