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Hartshill Christmas Tournament

Sunday 5th December saw the Kick off of the Hartshill Christmas Tournament and bought together a variety of members of all ages an abilities to play for the Cup and more importantly bragging rights.

there was a strong turnout and although some last minute alterations were required the meticulous planning from Reg Walker assured everyone was involved and able to have a terrific morning of football.

Gordon was on hand to photograph the event and capture the spirit of the day.

The 4 goalkeepers all played tremendously well and made all the games very close and competitive affairs with goals hard to come by. The Referee’s were firm but fair and ensured fair play won the day.

It was great to see so many members involved and to all of those who gave up there own chance to play in order to organise and officiate we all thank you very much.

The Black bib team won the day with some slick attacking football and goal scoring prowess. Well done to you all.


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