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West Midlands 55+ women enjoy their first tournament together in Wales

Today, the Caldicot tournament (Wales) saw five teams of women walking footballers aged 55 plus come together to play a set of friendlies.

The West Midlands 55 plus squad , a group of players from Hartshill Strollers , Boldmere, Shrewsbury and a guest player from Merthyr joined together to make up the squad. 

Four games were played of 8 minutes each way. The squad did West Midlands proud, having never played together before and on their first outing.

The results...

  • We drew 1-1 with Caldicot, a good close game, which we possibly could have won, given a little more luck.

  • We played an excellent game against Devon 1 drawing 0-0 in a well matched game.

  • We also drew 0-0 with Devon 2. Again, it's a close game, although we seemed to be beginning to gel more as a team, knowing a little more of what to expect from our team mates.

  • The final game was against All Stars, made up of international players . A difficult game which we eventually lost 5-0. The first half was hard and despite several substitutions, the second half equally so.

A big thank you to everyone who travelled from near and far to make up the team and contribute to the fun that is walking football. A special thank you to Mandy G for guesting for us after one of our squad broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago. 



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