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WFA National Cup Finals 2021


Hartshill Strollers proudly carried the banner for the Midlands in the WFA National Cup finals in Yorkshire.

We fielded not one, but two, age-group teams in the finals, thought to be a record in walking football history in England.

But, sadly, there was to be heartbreak at the last hurdle with neither the Over 60s nor the Over 65s squads able to bring home the silverware.

The finals of what is now officially named the Pharmacy2u Walking Football Cup, they were played at Dorothy Hyman Sports, Cudworth, Barnsley, on 9th/10th October 2021.

Oddly, they were played to different formats with a different number of regional finalists.

The Over 60s section – played on the Saturday – featured eight clubs, split into two groups with a semi-final and final. Each match lasted 20 minutes, straight, with two minutes’ half time.

Hartshill got off to a flying start, beating Herne Bay 1-0 - roaming mid-fielder Steve Nicholls scoring with a thunderbolt.