HARTSHILL Strollers won a classy high-scoring friendly against Tamworth at home on Sunday, July 2.

The two clubs were meeting for the first time and the visitors seemed a well-organised outfit.

But Hartshill simply had superior passing skills and too much firepower, with Gary Davis scoring a scorcher in the very first minute.

Andie Lissemore added a second goal after 8 minutes and Adrian Chilton a third a minute later. Adrian Heath made it 4-0 in the 12th minute and Andie Lissemore 5-0 in the 20th.

At this point, it looked like a rout was on the cards. But Tamworth’s persistence paid off by pulling back a goal just before half-time.

A wag in the crowd said goalie Paul Roche – known for his sportsmanship and kindness to others – felt sorry for the visitors and let the ball in on purpose.

However, in the second half, Tamworth proved the goal was no fluke and quickly found their rhythm to score virtually straight from the kick off, to make it 5-2.

Both sides showed great skill and shots bounced off the woodwork at each end. Tamworth started to grow in confidence but Reg Walker scored in the 31st minute to make it 6-2.

Tamworth were still in it, though, and replied just a minute later. However, that was to be the end of the breath-taking goalfest and the final score was 6-3.

Manager Gary Davis was asked for his Man of the Match and he named himself – for the opening goal alone.

We think he was joking, but you never know. There were those who though Adrian Heath had just shaded it for his overall performance in this exciting and highly watchable game.

A return match is planned.

SQUAD: Paul Roche, Kevin Weston, Gary Davis, Reg Walker, Andie Lissemore, Adrian Chilton, Adrian Heath, Tony Beckley, Steve Nicholls, Dave Shaw (all players used).