Training Sessions, General notes.

With the large club membership and the fantastic attendances we are enjoying, can we appeal to you all to arrive at your session 10/15 minutes early so we can sort out all the preparations without impacting on the playing time.

What is 'walking'; you will find lots of technical stuff on the web but the basics are very simple. Your leading leg will be straight, you plant your leading foot to the ground by your heel and you must have one foot on the ground at all time (not in the grave).

Practice in the privacy of your own home and bring your new skill to the club.

Training is your time to practice your skills, exercise, work as a team, and enjoy your time here, it is not a time to be critical of anyone else in your team, If another player is struggleing for any reason it is up to us all to support that person, and to encourage them.

Due to the age differences, we need to be mindful of the fact that we can't all play like Harry Kane, any dream of playing under Gareth Southgate is simply that, A DREAM. 

So come on guys, lets enjoy our game and just see how far it takes us.

And most of all be fair to one another