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Player profiles of some our club members


Please note that the ages of the 'Strollers" listed here were correct when posted, we are all getting older so you might want to add a year or two !!!! 

Name:  Mark Grazier  ( CHIEF EXECUTIVE  )


Age:      60


Live:      Hartshill, DUDLEY.


Work:    Take it easy know as a Was a Builder for over 28 years,

Had a company call ACE NU-LOOK, that run it's course. unfortunately 


MY FAMILY: Married to Josephine, ( Jojo )

Children: Kelly, Gavin, Leanne, Kyle, Marcus, Gem-D, Lily,

And you really don't want me to list the grandchildren,


Footballing Fame :- 

Played a friendly against WBA all stars at Stourbridge FC. for charity. 

When my son played for Withymoor south under 11's I Acquired my level one coaching badge in 2006,

Founder of Hartshill strollers fc

Needed a team in this area and couldn't find one so started this one in May 2014 and it has just grown and grown from one member in the beginning to now over 70 members in 2020


NAME: Bob Haywood .


AGE: 70


JOB: Journalist - part-retired


WHERE I LIVE: Oldswinford, Stourbridge


MY FAMILY: Wife Linda,; sons Christian and Daniel; grandchildren Hal and Robin




PAST FOOTBALL Glory: Played for Warley Press in the Warley & District Sunday League; and for Birmingham Press in the South Birmingham Sunday League in 70s and 80s.


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: To rekindle the glory days (ha, ha), get some much-needed exercise and meet new friends. Job done – three times over!


NAME: Gary Davis


AGE: 55 – was the baby of the Club.


WHERE I LIVE: Wolverhampton. 


MY FAMILY: Partner Sylvia – Son, Jack.


FAVOURITE TEAM: Birmingham City


PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: Won many trophies in the Birmingham AFA, Dudley Metro and Warley Sunday Leagues.


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: To re-start my football career!

Martin Broome

NAME: Bernard Bustin ( Back row far right)


AGE: 63


JOB: Retired asset manager social care, Wolverhampton City Council. Now do voluntary and charity work


WHERE I LIVE: Ettingshall, Wolverhampton


MY FAMILy: Patsy, Mary and George


FAVOURITE TEAM: West Bromwich Albion


PAST FOOTBALL GLORy: Playing at all of the local professional grounds, being on the ground staff in the 60s.


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: I had been looking for a club on the internet for the last nine months


NAME: Eddie Tromans


AGE: 60


JOB: Site manager Wombourne Civic Centre


WHERE I LIVE: Wombourne


MY Family: Wife Jill; daughter Michelle; son David




PAST FOOTBALL Glory: Played for Brierley Hill Alliance, Dudley Town, Blackheath Town and Brierley Hill Town. Also coach to Crestwood Star and Brierley Hill Town


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: I missed playing football and saw this as an opportunity to experience the camaraderie of team sport again. And it gets me out of the house for a couple of hours!

Pete Ellwel


Name:-                 Les Evans

AGE:                    72

Where I Live:-       Belbroughton

Work:-                  Retired

My Family:            Wife Sue, son Chris, Daughter Beth

                                           and four wonderful Grandchildren.

My Favourite Team:-  Walsall FC

My Past Football Glory:-Played for my school, and for many years in the Bloxwich combination.

Why I Joined Hartshill Strollers:

For the sheer enjoyment of kicking a football after a break of 35 years.

NAME: Pete Elwell


AGE: 64


WHERE I LIVE: Wordsley


JOB: Driver


MY FAMILY: Married with 4 kids


MY FAVOURITE TEAM: West Bromwich Albion


MY PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: I once carried Jeff Astle’s boots



(I mean walk!) around a bit.


Pete Marsden
John Moore

NAME:  Barry Geyton  ( Club Football Coach )


AGE: 64


WHERE I LIVE: Quarry Bank


JOB: Retired – after running a pub and restaurant in Herefordshire for more than 8 years.


MY FAMILY: Married for nearly 40 years to long-suffering football widow, Christine; with 2 children – Andy, who lives in Stourbridge, and

Dominique, who lives in Newquay with our grand-daughter, Tamera.


MY FAVOURITE TEAM: Chelsea – but I have a soft spot for the Baggies.


PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: I played adult football from the age of 15 to 58. Having played County league in Somerset and Gloucestershire, my last appearance was for Orcop Juniors in Hereford First Division in 2012.


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: I just love playing football and

enjoy the company of like-minded people.

NAME:  John Moore


AGE: 75


WHERE I LIVE: Dudley, Milking Bank


JOB: Retired – Professional Engineer, and still doing some part time stuff


MY FAMILY: Married for nearly 53 years to lovely wife Jean; with 2 son's – Simon who lives in Gornal and Stuart who still lives at home; Simon is old enough to join the club.


MY FAVOURITE TEAM: Wolves, who else?


PAST FOOTBALL GLORY:Played a lot of amatuer football, mainly for Claregate in the Wolverhamton amatuer league, retired at about 40 then took up ref'ing, bit only about 4 years; too much agro.


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: I had been playing normal 6 a side up until about year ago and when that folded I had been looking for some active pass time when I cam across Hartshill.

John Cooper

NAME: John Cooper

AGE: 59

WHERE I LIVE: Wolverhampton



JOB: Commissioning engineer



MY FAMILY: Live with fiancée Anne Marie; her son, Alex, 13; also have a 10-year-old son, Ben; and three grown-up sons – Chris, 33, and twins Andrew and James, 29.






MY PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: Cranleigh FC in Surrey Senior League 1973-79. Various teams since.


WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: Wanted to try walking football and when I Googled the subject for this area, I liked the look of the club.

Alan Hughes
Martin McC

NAME: Alun Hughes

AGE: 83

WHERE I LIVE: Wombourne



JOB: Retired managing director



MY FAMILY: Wife, son, daughter and five grandchildren






MY PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: Playing for Pwllheli FC with T.G. Jones, of Everton and Wales; and reaching the semi-final of the Welsh Senior Cup v. Wrexham in 1958



WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: Because getting old is not a good game

NAME;  Martin McCreedy


AGE: 56. I’ll be 57 in February.

(Hard to believe I know. My secret? I bathe in milk taken from Andalucía mountain sheep!)


WHERE I LIVE:  Stourbridge


JOB;  I work in a family business. We supply windscreens to the Classic Car Industry.


MY FAMILY:  Wife, Diane – daughter, Hannah. (I’m a lucky, lucky boy) 



Spurs - but I’ve got a soft spot for the Albion.



As a lad, I toured Germany many times with a youth team, but then I gave up completely.

To be honest, I’d just lost my love for the game. It had started to become more serious and I’d grown tired of being constantly hacked down!

(Mind you, by this time I’d also discovered girls, so maybe that didn’t help) 



I’d not played any kind of football for the past 30yrs. I’d become seriously overweight and also suffered from crippling arthritic knees and ankles. The idea of ever playing again just seemed ridiculous. Then, I saw a write-up about Walking Football and my family badgered me to give it a try. I turned up at the Strollers, very nervous and expecting to be back home again within the hour. But I couldn’t believe how the guys made me feel so welcome - and how they were all so patient and encouraging. They didn’t seem to mind that I had/have the stamina of a Sloth! Very slowly, I started to get some confidence back and now I hope to continue as a member, dodgy joints permitting. I definitely want to get to know the other guys more, it would be great to make some new friends.

Allan Hargreaves
Andie Lissemore

NAME: Andie Lissemore

AGE: 50

WHERE I LIVE: Stourbridge



JOB: Learning Support Worker (Sunfield Childrens Home)


MY FAMILY: Partner Claire and 3 Children






MY PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: Scored 4 goals in a 5 - 4 win in the Kiddy Sunday league - wow



WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: For the love of football, and making friendships. Can't run but can walk

Ivan White

NAME: Ivan White

AGE: 51



JOB: Cinema Assistant


MY FAMILY:  4 kids



MY FAVOURITE PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Wolves, and a soft spot for Mansfield Town



MY PAST FOOTBALL GLORY: As a pro player I scored an FA winning goal for Crewe v Chelsea ---- on the XBOX 360



WHY I JOINED HARTSHILL STROLLERS: So I could get fit and play football with (grand) dad's army! Oh-- and the pint after training goes down as well.

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