Hartshill Strollers travelled to Coleshill for the first stage of the WFA National Cup on Wednesday 25th April 

The game was played at the ground of Coleshill FC where most of the pre match action seemed to be whether players and officials had the right footwear for the surface. 

The game started with both teams wanting to hit the other on the break, shots were plenty from both sides but goalkeepers were not seriously troubled,  half way through the first half, Coleshill scored with a shot that Paul in the Hartshill goal got his hand to,  but couldn't stop. About 5 minutes afterwards,  Coleshill scored a second,  although very much against the rules of the game when the goalscorer ran past the referee to score,  despite the protests from the Hartshill team,  the goal stood.  Although Hartshill tried to get back into the game, they couldn't get past the Coleshill goalkeeper, the score at half time was 2 - 0 to Coleshill. 

The second half started with Hartshill on the attack more,  but shots just wouldn't go in,  with an empty space behind the Coleshill goal,  there was plenty of time wasted in getting the ball back,  Coleshill did have chances and had one disallowed when the ball was saved by the Hartshill goalkeeper, who deflected the ball over head height and spun back into the net,  the rules state this is a goal,  but the referee didn't let it stand.  Hartshill decided to play with one defender and go on the attack,  within a minute of coming on,  Mark had a shot hit the post,  time was running out,  but still time for Adrian to narrow the score.  This was too late to save the game. 

Final score Coleshill 2 Hartshill Strollers 1.

Squad,  Paul Roche,  Pete Grove,  Dave Shaw,  Reg Walker,  Mark Grazier, Adrian Chilton, Ray Woodhall,  Rob Dunning,  Gary Davis.(all players used). 

Referee Nigel Genner.

Report by Kevin Weston.