Hartshill Strollers Walking Football Club

Duty of Care

Our constitution requires us to provide a duty of care to all club members; for the most part this is considered to be the well being of the players and supporters on and around the field of play. To fulfil this obligation the club provides the following information and actions.


The club will maintain a full list of its membership, its members basic medical conditions and its members emergency contact details. This information will be held by at least one of our managers in attendance at the pitch side, with copies of the emergency contact details in the first aid kits.


The club will provide a suitable first aid kit at the pitch side at all times.

Note; club members are not medically qualified but will seek medical guidance as to what are the appropriate materials for the first aid kit.

When playing away from our home ground our managers will ensure that we take our first aid kit and also ensure our host provide appropriate first aid facilities.


The club will seek to have volunteers from its membership to undertake first aid training and to expand this programme as our membership changes and develops. First aiders will be expected to take a leading role when called upon.


Actions to be undertaken by coaches/team managers before sessions:


Check to see if any members or spectators at the games/training sessions have first aid training or ideally are a doctor, nurse or paramedic.


Actions to be undertaken before and during a game.

            Keep the first aid kit at the pitch-side, not in the car!

            Ensure you have access to a mobile phone.

            Nominate an assistant, whose job is to keep members back and act as your witness to what



In the event of an injury, illness, or collapse.

            Grab and go —- grab the first aid kit and get on the pitch.

            Slow down as you approach the casualty (do not trip/slip and land on them)

            First actions: kneel down next to head; check ABC — Airways, Breathing & Circulation; are       they conscious?  Give them a ‘Head to Toe‘ check.


If in any doubt, ring 999 and ask for an ambulance.

If an ambulance is called, send someone out to the road to direct the ambulance to the pitch. If

necessary, move any cars on the car park which may impede ambulance access.


After the game if you have given first aid.

            Check the player is still feeling OK.

            Let the player’s nominated emergency contact know what has happened and what treatment       was administered.


Location of club: Summerhill School, Lodge Lane, Kingswinford, Dudley.

School caretaker : Andy Vivash ( 07963338847)

Nearest A&E hospital: Russells Hall Hospital, Pensnett Road, Dudley, DY1 1HQ.

Nearest defibrillator: Immediately inside the school entrance nearest to the pitches.